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Top Teeling Whiskey Collaborations! At Teeling Whiskey, innovation is at the very core of our beliefs as we strive to create the World’s Best Whiskeys. As part of our innovative mission, we look to work with like-minded mavericks of their trade who value community, innovation, quality and authenticity in creating premium Irish products. Over the last number of years we have worked with a number of exciting and dynamic local Irish producers to bring alive various unique Teeling Whiskey Collaborations! Featured below is a number of our favourite Proud Partnerships to date!


Our newest collaboration to date is with family-owned premium Irish Ice Cream brand Murphy’s. Hand crafted with care, Murphy’s have been making their range of renowned Irish Ice Cream naturally, locally and truthfully in Dingle since 2000.  Using our award-winning Teeling Small Batch, Murphy’s have created a limited edition Irish Whiskey Chocolate flavoured Ice Cream, allowing the rich malt character and rum fruity spice of our Teeling Small Batch to come through on the taste. The Teeling X Murphy’s Whiskey Chocolate Ice Cream is no doubt the perfect addition to any summer party and why not compliment a bowl of pure indulgence with a glass of our liquid gold, the Teeling Small Batch! Available at select Murphy’s stores (Dublin, Dingle, Cork, Galway, Killarney).


Teeling Whiskey X Forager Craft Beard Collection

Next up is our collaboration with Natural Irish Skincare producer Forager. We worked closely together over the last 18 months to create a range of premium Men’s Skincare items called the “CraftBeard Collection”. In their own words, “born out of a love of whiskey & bearded Vikings”, Forager created this hand-crafted beard care collection, containing only 100% natural ingredients. Each balm & oil has been infused with a splash of our award-winning Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey, for a deep, warming & rich aroma. Available exclusively at Teeling Whiskey Distillery, through our online store here. 


Another one of our long standing Teeling Whiskey Collaborations is with Olly’s Farm! We have been working with local beekeeper Olly nearly since the opening of Teeling Whiskey Distillery in 2015. Working hand in hand the aim was to produce our very own in-house Distillery Honey. Did you know we now have over 500,000 bees on the roofs of our distillery? This adds to the local biodiversity in the local Dublin 8 area and is used across our Global Drinks Strategy to mix up some world famous Teeling Whiskey Cocktails! The Teeling X Olly’s Farm Rooftop Honey remains one of our all time favourites and is a seasonal release. This is available in select stores and of course through our online store here. 

Teeling Whiskey X Olly's Farm Honey


Next up we have the Teeling X Dot Brew Collaborations! Over the past few years we have worked with Dot Brew on a number of limited collaborations. This involved cask exchanges resulting in Teeling Whiskey Matured in Dot Brew beers and vice versa for a range of unique and highly sought after releases. The name we picked for our most recent collaborative beer is Everything Happens for a Riesling! A super bright crisp pilsner, conditioned in Teeling Whiskey Single Malt Whiskey Ex Riesling Barrels. Fruity, light and easy to drink! Available exclusively at Teeling Whiskey Distillery, through our online store here. 

Teeling Whiskey X Dot Brew Everything Happens for a Riesling!


We couldn’t talk about Teeling Whiskey Collaborations without mentioning local family owned crisp producer, Keogh’s. These delicious Irish potato crisps use our award-winning Small Batch to create a fantastic barbeque flavour like no other! These are hand-cooked on Keoghs family farm in North County Dublin, ‘from crop to crisp, grown and cooked with Love in Ireland. Packed in a protective atmosphere to ensure the freshest crisps are delivered to each customer. No short-cuts taken. A perfect combo with a glass of Dublin’s finest! Available exclusively at Teeling Whiskey Distillery, through our online store here. 

Teeling Whiskey X Keoghs Crips


Last up in our Teeling Whiskey Collaborations, we have the Teeling Barrel Aged Proper Chocolate! Made with our award-winning Small Batch whiskey, and cocoa nibs aged for 2 months in a Hungarian Oak barrel this is one not to be missed! These barrels were previously filled with Teeling Whiskey’s Distillery Exclusive. Whether you’re a whiskey enthusiast aiming to enhance your chocolate experience, or simply a lover of all things chocolate, this barrel aged chocolate is one of a kind!  Available exclusively at Teeling Whiskey Distillery, through our online store here. 

Teeling Whiskey X Proper Chocolate
Barrel Aged Chocolate made with our award winning Teeling Small Batch

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