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History in a Bottle: Teeling Whiskey Very Rare Casks!

For any Teeling Whiskey Lover, the Teeling Whiskey Very Rare Casks (VRC) are the pinnacle of Irish Whiskey History meets modern innovation. A limited number of unique cask types of exceptional Irish Single Malts from our Family Reserve of whiskey stock were hand-selected and finessed by our Master Distiller & Master Blender Alex Chasko to produce super premium Irish Whiskeys like no other. The Teeling Very Rare Casks encompass a range of distinct and carefully curated offerings, each characterized by their unique flavours and intricate ageing process. To date there have been 8 bottlings in the Teeling Whiskey Very Rare Cask Collection.

The Teeling Whiskey Very Rare Cask Collection includes:

  • 30-Year-Old Sherry #6873 – 201 bottles
  • 31-Year-Old Sherry (World Duty Free UK – Heathrow & Gatwick) – #6755 – 220 bottles
  • 32-Year-Old Rivesaltes #64540 – 198 bottles
  • 32-Year-Old Purple Muscat (US) #38381 – 283 bottles
  • 33-Year-Old Rum (GTR) #546 – 141 bottles
  • 33-Year-Old Pineau des Charentes (US) #62555 – 316 bottles
  • 38-Year Old Bourbon (China Duty Free) #7 – 21 bottles
  • 39-Year-Old Bourbon (China Duty Free) #5 – 35 bottles


Very Rare Casks Collection

With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional flavour, Teeling Whiskey has become synonymous with change in Irish Whiskey, and will continue to do things differently with this exciting vintage Single Malt. Each bottling is an opportunity to own a piece of Teeling and Irish History worth savouring!

Very Rare Cask Rivesaltes : A Fusion of Fine Wine & Whiskey


Among the esteemed collection of Teeling Whiskey Very Rare Casks, the Teeling Whiskey 32-Year-Old Very Rare Cask Rivesaltes stands out as a testament to our dedication to excellence and quality. Originating from the renowned Rivesaltes region in the South of France, known for it’s rich heritage and province in winemaking, these rare casks have been carefully selected to imparts a distinct honey sweetness, that intermingles with dark chocolate, rich red orchard fruits and soft oak tannins. The result creates a sensory experience that is both refined and indulgent for any whisker connoisseur. Limited to just 198 bottles worldwide, this remarkable Irish Single Malt has been bottled at 51.4% abv with no chill filtration for that full flavour experience.

Teeling Whiskey Very RareC Cask RivesaltesVery Teeling Whiskey Rare Cask Rivesaltes :

Tasting Notes

Nose – Dark Chocolate, dried fruit, vanilla, orange peel

Taste – Almond, honesy sweetness, dried figs and walnuts

Finish – Long with dried fruits

Our Teeling Whiskey 32-Year-Old Very Rare Cask Rivesaltess is bottled in a unique, tall glass decanter, with gold embroidery and weighted cork, accompanied with dark premium wooden box to stand proud on any shelf. The Teeling Whiskey 32-Year-Old Very Rare Cask Rivesaltes will be available at the Teeling Whiskey Distillery and online here as well as select International markets at a RRP of €2950.

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