Explorers Series 15-Year-Old Japanese Edition

The Explorers Series has been crafted through meticulous and innovative production techniques, resulting in a range of unique Irish Whiskey bottlings, to celebrate the brave, intrepid Irish explorers who have travelled the world to make their mark. Each release from the Explorers Series embraces a nation’s character and personality by using unique casks or spirit types that capture their national identity.


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Introducing the new highly anticipated Explorers Series 15-Year-Old Japanese Edition! This innovative expression pushes the boundaries of Irish Whiskey craftsmanship by incorporating none other than rare Mugi Shochu casks, resulting in an extraordinary blend of Irish and Japanese influences.

Nose – Candied apples, lychee and jasmine tea, alongside a coating of mellow vanilla sweetness, fruit pastries and spice.

Taste – Burst of lychee and passion fruit with poached pears, gingerbread cookies and golden syrup.

Finish – Sweet mellow finish with soft wood tannins, dried fruits and refreshing crisp after taste.