Whiskey Sour Day at Teeling Whiskey

What better way to celebrate Whiskey Sour Day than with a Teeling Twist on the classic. When we are not busy making whiskey our first port of call is our Distillery Bang Bang Bar for the extremely hard job of deciding the next round of Teeling cocktails.  Drawing it root’s from the classic punch cocktail, the whiskey sour has become an ever present addition to cocktail bars around the world, at our Distillery Bang Bang Bar our own Whiskey sour made with our award-winning Small Batch is a staff and customer favourite.  The first known recording of the Sour cocktail goes back to 1856 with the first recipe wrote down being included in Jerry Thomas’s 1862 Bartenders Guide.  Originally made primarily with Rum, it took only 8 years for the spirit of choice for a Sour to be Whiskey. We cannot fathom why it took them so long to correct their error and start using whiskey but we are happy they made the right choice!

With the Whiskey Sour having it root’s in the rum punch, it is only fitting that we use our Teeling Small Batch to make our own twist on the Whiskey Sour. Small Batch is a blended whiskey crafted from grain and malt spirit, aged in Bourbon casks. After aging in these casks Small Batch undergoes maturation in  Central American Rum Casks developing notes of tropical fruit and spice, making it perfect for Whiskey Sour. At Teeling Whiskey we like to do things a little bit differently, this applies not only to our whiskey but also how we craft our cocktails. Best enjoyed after a tour of our Distillery, our Teeling Whiskey Sour highlights all of the tropical fruit tones and sweetness of our Teeling Small Batch. For this cocktail we take the classic whiskey sour recipe of whiskey (off course Teeling!), citrus and sugar and shake things up a bit. Over half a million bees call the roof of our Distillery home, supplying us with some Teeling Rooftop Honey to use in our cocktails. The honey provides a beautiful texture to the the cocktail while also complimenting the sweetness from the Bourbon and Rum cask. To finish this cocktail we add in a splash of apricot brandy into the mix to bring out all the fresh tropical fruit notes developed due to South African White Wine Yeast fermentation and rum maturation. Check out the recipe below to find out how to make yours at home.

Teeling Whiskey Sour

50 ml Teeling Small Batch

20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

10 ml Teeling Rooftop Honey Syrup

5 ml Apricot Brandy

Egg whites (optional)

Teeling DOT Brew Beer Whiskey Sout


It wouldn’t be a cocktail bar if we didn’t have something special and not on the menu. These are usually “wink wink nudge nudge” for those in know, however this weekend the mixologists at Team Teeling will be serving a special whiskey sour highlighting our collaborations with local producers for all to enjoy. “So Far So Sour” is a special Teeling Twist on the classic whiskey sour that uses Teeling Rooftop Honey from Olly’s Farm and an IPA reduction from local brewer DOT Brew.  The addition of the IPA reduction highlights the hops used in the production process of the beer that perfectly compliment the subtle floral tones in our Teeling Small Batch. To make the IPA reduction at home simply add equal parts honey with equal parts IPA to saucepan and heat for 20 minutes on the stove. This will remove the water and concentrate all of the flavours creating a beautiful syrup to use in your next Teeling Cocktail. Check out the recipe below to make yours at home. We think it’s absolutely delicious but why don’t you try it out for yourselves at home and let us know how you got on!

So Far So Sour

50ml Teeling Small Batch

20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

10ml DOT Brew So Far so Good IPA reduction (or your local IPA)

Egg whites (optional)

We’d hope you get the chance to enjoy a Teeling Twist on the classic Whiskey Sour this Whiskey Sour Day, whether at home, in your local cocktail bar or at our Distillery. For more updates on all things Teeling, including new releases, events and offerings please sign up to our mailing list here. You can also follow us on social media!

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