Teeling Whiskey Distillery Stained Glass Window in Dublin Ireland
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Introducing our new stained glass window – New Dawn

Our Distillery is located in the heart of the Dublin Liberties where the oldest traditions of distilling meet the newest technologies, creating a fascinating and educational visitor experience. This was the then adopted by award-winning artist Bianco Divito, in conceptualising, designing and creating a stunning stained glass window, titled ‘New Dawn’. The 2 metre diameter, vibrant, back-lit window is a twist on the traditional, brought to life by the most skilled craftspeople, making it a feature that is very much at home in Teeling Whiskey Distillery!

‘New Dawn’ was inspired by numerous aspects of the Teeling tale; the phoenix which recalls resurrection from the whiskey fire of 1871, the maturation process of whiskey and the sense of movement of whiskey as it pours and fills. Several very sophisticated techniques were required to create the nearly 2 metre diameter piece, including glass slumping, airbrushing glass enamels and traditional glass painting, before a total of 7 separate firings in a large glass kiln to achieve the final results.

Commenting on the installation of the New Dawn Stained Glass Window, Bianca Divito said:

Working with Teeling Whiskey has been such a harmonious collaboration; much like me, they focus on their craft, rooted in tradition but doing things differently. As a glass artist with vast experience in conservation, I honed my trade working with pieces of historic importance, but now in my creative practice I bring vibrant contemporary flair to each work. This piece, ‘New Dawn’ embodies that – inspired by Teeling’s story, with the sense of movement evoking the splashes of whiskey being poured, and the layers of colour reminiscent of its layers of texture and character.”

Lisa Jameson, Brand Home General Manager commented:

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Bianca on this wonderfully exciting project. This creative collaboration really illustrates how traditional craft, much like the art of whiskey making, can evolve using innovative and unusual techniques. Bianca has produced something so vibrant, full of movement and depth which is in tune with our own Teeling Whiskey journey in reviving the art of whiskey distillation in Dublin City Centre. The depth of flavour in our whiskey is captured through the use of vibrant colours and its character is evident in the layered effect. This artistic piece is a welcome addition to the visitor experience which has undergone much enhancement over the past 12 months and will continue to advance well into the future. We have had a fantastic year here at the Distillery and are on track to exceed 120,000 visitors by the year end with visitors really engaged in the different experiences and whiskey tastings on offer., It certainly is a “New Dawn” for all here at Teeling Whiskey Distillery.”

New Dawn will be able to viewed at our Distillery Gift Shop after a tour of our award-winning distillery. For more updates on all things Teeling, including new releases, events and offerings please sign up to our mailing list here. You can also follow us on social media!

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