Indulge Your Senses this World Chocolate Day with Teeling Whiskey!

Looking for the perfect Teeling Whiskey and Chocolate Pairing this week for World Chocolate Day, Sunday 7th July?

Whether you’re an avid whiskey enthusiast aiming to enhance your chocolate experience to the max, or simply looking to try something new with friends and family at Teeling Whiskey we are here to help with our top tips for whiskey/chocolate connoisseurs and cocktail lovers alike! We partner with local producer Proper Chocolate Company for our chocolate pairings. However, you can select something similar in your local store!Teeling Whiskey Small Batch bottle with branded nosing glass and a selection of Dark Chocolate from Proper Chocolate Company Dubli

Teeling Top Tips – World Chocolate Day

When it comes to Whiskey & Chocolate pairings, here are a few rules of thumb from our certified whiskey experts (also chocolate fiends!):

  • It’s Personal To You– A pairing is fundamentally successful if the enjoyment derived from the two things combined is greater than the sum of them enjoyed separately. In other words, find what works best for you until you find that perfect match!  We have tried and tested many chocolates to pair with our award-winning whiskies and now it’s your turn!
  • Engage All Your Senses – It’s about more than just taste, a great pairing also engages the other senses – aroma, mouthfeel, texture etc. So make sure to try to use all your different senses in a pairing, even getting creative with ways of enjoying Whiskey & Chocolate together! Why not try combining melted chocolate with a glass of liquid gold for the ultimate mouthfeel? Or better yet, a chocolate rim on your glass of whiskey to fully appreciate the shared aroma!
  • Bold in Flavour– When it comes to sweet pairings such as chocolate: The richer the better. So we generally advise bold chocolate flavours with a high roast of 60-70%. A very subtle, soft flavour will rarely stand up against a high alcohol spirit. Looking for added complexity with additional ingredients, such as salted caramel, fruits or spices in chocolate can certainly further enhance your experience!

See below some of our specific recommendations on how to pair our award-winning Teeling Whiskey with your favourite chocolates this World Chocolate Day!

Teeling Whiskey Trinirty Gift pack miniture 5cl bottles, with a selection of chocolate from local Dublin producer Proper Chocolate

Teeling Whiskey X Proper Chocolate 

Teeling Small Batch – Dark Chocolate (70-75%) with Sea Salt flavourings. A good quality dark chocolate matches perfectly with the malt characteristic of our Teeling Small Batch. The addition of sea salt brings an explosion of flavour when combined with the tropical fruit and spice elements naturally present in the the Small Batch due to its rum maturation. See more information on our Small Batch here.

Teeling Single Grain – Dark Chocolate (70%) with toasted coconut and/or fruit notes. A lighter chocolate pairs exceptionally well with our Teeling Single Grain. Light fruits and sweet tones allow the fresh fruit flavours of the Cabernet Sauvignon casks to shine. Teeling Single Grain shows a distinctive silky and smooth texture when combined with dark chocolate containing toasted coconut. See more information on our Single Grain here.

Teeling Single Malt – Dark Chocolate (75-80%) with ripe red fruit and dark spices. The dark chocolate provides a platform for the fresh summer fruits and spiced tones of the Single Malt to be displayed front and centre, while prolonging a long and warm finish. See more information on our Single Malt here.

Teeling Whiskey Chocolate Orange Cocktail

Teeling Chocolate Old Fashioned 

Our hand crafted Teeling Chocolate Cocktail the Teeling Chocolate Orange is the perfect easy-sipping cocktail to pair your chocolate and whiskey this World Chocolate Day! Looking to recreate this mouth-watering chocolate delight at home? Say no more!

50ml Teeling Small Batch Whiskey

10ml Honey syrup

10ml Chocolate syrup

1 dash Orange Bitters

1 dash Angostura Bitters

Method: Place all ingredients into a glass or mixing jug. Stir together for 30 seconds until the glass/mixing jug is chilled and the liquid mixture has diluted sufficiently. Strain over a chilled rocks glass and garnish with a fresh orange twist and a shard of salted dark chocolate.

Let us know how you get on with these Teeling chocolate creations this World Chocolate by tagging us and using the hashtag #TeelingWhiskey on Social Media!

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