Teeling Whiskey Beer Collaborations: Celebrate International Beer Day!

This International Beer Day, we are looking back through the years at some of our favourite Teeling Whiskey Beer Collaborations to give you some inspiration for that perfect Teeling Boilermaker either at home or out in your local bar!

The Small Batch Collaborations is a series of limited releases at Teeling Whiskey Company,where we look to work hand-in-hand with local producers from all around the world, with the goal of  creating new and exciting products, that often blur the lines between spirits categories. These are often market specific releases that celebrate these local producers, all with the aim of creating the next World’s Best Whiskey!Teeling Whiskey Stout cask

Teeling X Galway Bay Stout Cask

First up we have the Teeling Whiskey Stout Cask! Teeling Whiskey Company and Galway Bay Brewery, one of Ireland’s most celebrated craft breweries, have been collaborating now for years, on what has now become the cult classic “200 fathoms” – a modern interpretation of an Imperial Stout, aged just once a year in Teeling Whiskey Small Batch barrels. At the same time, Teeling Whiskey has taken back those beer barrels on several occasions to age our premium blend for a period of 12-18 months. The result is a true celebration of flavour-focused innovation. Initially released in 2017, the Teeling Whiskey Stout cask saw a huge global success, picking up the award for Best Irish Blended Limited Release at the World Whiskies Awards in 2018 & 2019, as well as Gold at The Irish Whiskey Masters in 2021.


Tasting Notes – Teeling Whiskey Stout Cask

Nose – Dark chocolate, truffles, sour apples, ocean spray

Taste – Sweet malt, roasted barley, sour fruits, black cherries

Finish – Seville oranges, digestive biscuits, honeycomb and cream

Teeling X Dot Brew

This next dynamic duo brings some local Dublin flavour, with the Teeling Dot Brew IPA cask! This follows on from the highly successful Teeling Amber Ale and  Teeling Dark Porter, both in collaboration with leading progressive Irish Craft brewery Dot Brew.  The newest addition to the Small Batch Collaboration Series with Dot utilises the base of our award-winning premium blended whiskey at Teeling, initially aged in ex-bourbon barrels, followed by a further ageing period in India Pale Ale beer casks. The result is something wholly unique reinforcing our ambition to craft and create the most interesting Irish Whiskeys! Most recently, to celebrate the Teeling Whiskey Distillery 8th Birthday, Dot brew simultaneously  released a crisp, refreshing IPA, seasoned in Teeling Whiskey Single Pot Still barrels. A must for any whiskey/ beer lover!      Teeling Whiskey Dot Brew Gr8 Tasting IPA

Tasting Notes – Teeling IPA Cask

Nose – Lemon tart, green apples, gentle hops and vanilla sweetness

Taste – Mellow toffee sweetness, pear drops, all spice and cinnamon

Finish – Long finish with dry tannins and warming spice

Teeling Duvel Vol 2

Teeling X Duvel (Vol.2)

As one of our fastest selling Teeling Small Batch collaborations, we couldn’t make this list without including  the Teeling Duvel cask this international Beer day! This limited release in partnership with one of the World’s Most Renowned Belgian Breweries is aged in Belgian Golden Ale casks. In similar fashion to many of the previous collaborations, Duvel also aged its beer in some Teeling Whiskey barrels to create their Duvel Barrel Aged, the Irish Whiskey edition. This is a unique strong tasting beer, brewed with respect for the authentic taste of Duvel but with a surprising Irish twist: smoky notes of oak, vanilla and a hint of peat.

Tasting Notes – Teeling  Whiskey Duvel (Vol. 2)

        Nose – Light & crisp with orange zest, salted caramel, and golden malt

Taste – Stewed pears, coriander, butterscotch with toffee coating the palate

Finish – Lemon drops, allspice and cooked fruits

Teeling X Genys Baltic Porter

Lastly, we have one of our newer releases in the Small Batch Collaboration Series, the Teeling Whiskey Genys Baltic Porter! This is the second collaboration project between Teeling Whiskey Company and Lithuanian brewery Genys Brewing Co. The first project happened in 2017 and was a big success! Using only eight ex-Teeling Blackpitts casks, Genys Brewing Co. made their beautiful Baltic Porter beer, filled the casks with it, and aged it for three months. After releasing Genys Baltic Porter beer, the oak casks travelled back to Ireland. There it was filled with Teeling Small Batch whiskey for finishing.

Tasting Notes – Teeling Whiskey Baltic Porter

Nose – Plum, dark chocolate, Blackberry and dates with a hint of spice

Taste – Black pepper and oak tannins balanced with sour cherries and rich dark fruits

Finish – Long finish with dry tannins and warming spice

Of course, there were much more Teeling Whiskey Beer Collaborations we could have mentioned, but these were just some of our current favourites! Some noteworthy mentions also include: Teeling Whiskey X Bentspoke (Australia), Teeling Whiskey X Yeastie Boys (NZ), Teeling Whiskey X Heart of Darkness (Singapore) and Teeling X Maku Brewing (Finland), and Teeling X Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer (UK).

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