A tasty new addition to our collaborative lineup!

Everyone here at Teeling HQ is excited and delighted to announce the long overdue arrival of our Teeling Whiskey x Munroes Jamaican Jerk Crisps. These crisps have taken almost a year to perfect but are finally available here in the Teeling Distillery for a limited time only.So how did this collaboration come about? And what makes Munroes so special??

Back in the 1700s, the Maroons met the Tainos and a great collaboration began… An exchange of African and Native American culture created a revolutionary method for curing and seasoning meat, this “jerk” seasoning endures to this day.

The Munroe family come from the same parish as the mighty Maroons, who are believed to have created what we know today as “jerk”. Established in 2013, Munroes is an award-winning line of delicious fiery fruity chilli marinades and crisps. A modern day refinement of healthy authentic Jamaican jerk marinades, an old traditional family recipe capturing the heritage of Jamaica dating back 250 years.

Fortunately for us, Munroes are now neighbours of us here in The Liberties. They share so much of the same independent spirit a collaboration between us seemed inevitable!

Following a year of research & development, taste testing and designing our collaborative crisps are ready to take to the shelves here at the Teeling Whiskey Distillery! These fruity, fiery crisps have been spritzed with our own Teeling Whiskey Small Batch Blend, adding notes of rum raisin, vanilla and tropical fruits. Wholly unique, they are available in store now, in The Phoenix Cafe and priced at €3.50. The crisps are also available at The Bang Bang Bar, the perfect accompaniment to a hand craft Teeling Whiskey cocktail!

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For more information on Munroes, check out their website.