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Teeling Whiskey Release Rare 13-Year-Old Single Grain
This Limited Release is only the second Teeling Single Grain bottling Teeling Whiskey has released the latest in our award-winning Single Grain range with our new Teeling 13-Year-Old Irish Single Grain. ...
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The World’s First LEGO Distillery!
This month our distillery is marking its 6th Birthday with a number of celebrations, including our Birthday Cocktail Event on June 12th which was attended virtually by over 100...
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Teeling Whiskey launches inaugural Birthday Batch bottling
Our distillery just turned 6 years old and to celebrate its journey so far we thought of no better way to mark it than launching our inaugural Teeling Whiskey...
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Teeling Whiskey Releases Special Distillery Exclusive Bottling to Mark St. Patrick’s Day
Teeling Whiskey is releasing a special Distillery Exclusive bottling this St. Patrick’s Day, focusing on the unique impact Irish Virgin Oak has on our Small Batch Teeling Whiskey. Traditionally,...
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Teeling Talks with Iain Wood: Teeling Whiskey Wonders of Wood Cherry Wood Cask
We are pleased to announce the release of the second in our series of Wonders of Wood bottlings. A 15 Year Single Malt aged initially in bourbon barrels and...
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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at one of our Teeling Whiskey events around the world!
St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and we’re celebrating the day of Ireland’s patron saint all month. Check out the collection of events we have lined up both at...
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