Teeling Whiskey Distillery Summer Cocktails

With summer truly here it’s certainly time to celebrate with some tasty Teeling summer cocktails. Each summer, our Teeling Whiskey Distillery Bang Bang Bar changes to a refreshing and lively summer cocktail menu that is sure to be the perfect finish to your tour. Using our award-winning Teeling Small Batch, our summer menu celebrates the fresh tropical fruit notes from its unique rum maturation.

Teeling Whiskey Summer Ice Tea Cocktail

First up is our Teeling Summer Ice Tea! This cocktail uses our Teeling Small Batch, Aperol, Fresh Citrus, Ginger Liqueur, and a Hibiscus Tea from local tea producer Wall and Keogh. This refreshing summer Teeling Whiskey cocktail is part of the tour experience for all of those that do our popular Teeling Tasting, getting the chance to try our Small Batch and a cocktail crafted from it. The fresh fruits of the Aperol and tea bring out the fresh tropical fruits of our Small Batch while letting the Ginger Liqueur bring forward the subtle warming spice elements. Check out the recipe to below to find out how to make yours at home for your next summer party!

Teeling Ice Tea

40ml Teeling Small Batch

30ml Hibiscus/Fruit Tea

20ml Aperol

20ml Fresh Citrus

10ml Ginger

Teeling Whiskey Summer Old Fashioned Cocktail

It wouldn’t be a whiskey cocktail bar if it didn’t have the popular and iconic Old Fashioned. Here at Teeling Whiskey Distillery we have one eye on the past with the other firmly looking to the future. This mindset applies not only to how we produce our award-winning whiskey but also how we craft our cocktails. Our Summer Newmarket Fashioned is a modern twist on tradition, made from our Teeling Small Batch, Honey, Orange Liqueur and Bitters. The honey brings out the sweet tones from the bourbon and rum maturation of our Small Batch. Collected from half a million bees that call the roof of our Dublin Distillery home, our Teeling Rooftop Honey brings a beautiful texture to our Summer Newmarket Fashioned that compliments the whiskey and orange liqueur beautifully. Check out the recipe at below to find out how to make yours at home.

Teeling Summer Newmarket Fashioned

50ml Teeling Small Batch

10ml Teeling Rooftop Honey

10ml Orange Liqueur

2 dashes of bitters

Teeling Blood Orange Whiskey Smash Cocktail

Last but not least is our Teeling Blood Orange Whiskey Smash! This crowd pleaser is one of the most popular cocktails at our Teeling Distillery Bang Bang Bar every summer. This sharper tart style of a classic sour cocktail uses the bitterness of the lemon juice and tartness of the blood orange to create a refreshing spirit forward sour. Using our Teeling Small Batch this cocktail is crafted from Blood Orange, Lemon, Aperol to bring out the vibrant fruits tones of our Small Batch while keeping the long warming finish. Check out the recipe below to find our how to make yours for your next barbecue.

Teeling Blood Orange Whiskey Smash

40ml Teeling Small Batch

30ml Fresh Lemon Juice

20 ml Aperol

15ml Blood Orange

Let us know what you think our Teeling summer cocktail menu and if you want to try some for yourself you can book a tour here! Our Teeling Terrace is back open for the weekends for you to enjoy a freshly crafted Teeling summer cocktail in the sun after your tour.

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