Sip into Summer with the Teeling Frozen Irish Coffee!

Teeling Frozen Irish Coffee enjoyed by a man and women outside with Teeling Small batch on a table

As one of the most iconic whiskey cocktails in the world, when we think of an Irish Coffee, the image that most likely comes to mind is being nestled up in a warm pub or even a cosy evening at home, with that perfect comforting drink, sipping by the fire on a cold evening.

But what if we told you that you could enjoy the rich, bold flavours of your favourite Teeling Irish Coffee, made with our award-winning whiskey even in the sweltering heat of summer? Hot or cold we’ve got you covered at Teeling Whiskey for any of your favourite coffee based cocktails, with a range of recipes to make the cocktail Hot, Cold, or even Frozen. So whether you’re preparing them individually or in large batches, Teeling Whiskey Irish Coffee Serves require minimal effort for a winning cocktail!

Close up of Teeling Frozen Irish coffee hand by woman's hand. Teeling Small Batch in background


1L Teeling Small Batch

1.5L Filter Coffee or Cold Brew Coffee

500g Muscavado Sugar Syrup (1:1)

2L Ice-cream mix

500ml Milk

Method: Add all ingredients into a 5L holding container. Combine all ingredients in a slushy machine and turn onto slush/freeze mode, allowing up to 60 minutes for the Frozen Irish Coffee mixture to reach desired consistency. Serve with some coffee beans on top or even mix it up with your favourite Teeling toppings!

So next time you’re looking for a way to beat the heat, elevate your Teeling Coffee Cocktail and blend up a Frozen Irish Coffee! It’s the perfect way to enjoy the best of both worlds – the vibrant and bold flavours of an Irish coffee and the cooling refreshment of a summer cocktail. Slainte! Looking to pick up a trusty Teeling glass for your favourite coffee cocktail? Check out our range of glassware here.

Teeling Caramel Cold Brew


45ml Teeling Small Batch

90ml Freshly Brewed Coffee

15ml Stout Syrup or Brown Sugar Syrup

60ml Stout Beer (Dot Brew Beer)

Method: Pour all ingredients into a shaker, add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled coupette glass. Garnish with a dusting of cacao powder.

If an Irish Coffee and an espresso martini had a baby this would be it! For any cold brew lover, this is the perfect cold coffee serve with Teeling Whiskey that recreates that foamy texture of an Irish Coffee with a local Dublin Beer! Slainte!

Teeling Irish Coffee


45ml Teeling Small Batch

90ml Freshly Brewed Coffee

15ml Stout Syrup or Brown Sugar Syrup

30ml Fresh Cream

Method: Preheat a hot-drinks glass with some warm water and discard. Add the syrup and brewed coffee. Stir to combine. Warm a large spoon and pour gently  onto the coffee. Garnish with a light dusting of nutmeg and enjoy with friends.

With over 50,000 Teeling Whiskey Irish Coffees made the Dublin way in our Distillery to date, we know a thing or two about making the perfect Irish Coffee with a twist! This signature serve is bound to take your Irish Coffee game to the next level, bringing new and exciting flavours to a classic! Looking to make it at home yourself? Why not pick up our Teeling Irish Coffee hamper here.

For more information on Teeling Whiskey cocktails, check out our full range of recipes here.