Teeling 15-Year-Old Single Grain with green packing, at the Bang Bang bar at Teeling Whiskey Distillery
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Teeling Whiskey Release 15-Year-Old Single Grain

We are delighted to announce our newest whiskey, the Teeling 15-Year-Old Single Grain. With this limited edition, we aim to continue our innovative mission to push the boundaries of flavour in Irish whiskey. Combining a new modern approach to both Irish maturation and mash bills, with a trending new sub-category in whiskey, this is an exceptional bottling not to be missed!

As only the third single grain whiskey from Teeling Whiskey Distillery, this exciting new release has been matured initially in ex-Bourbon casks, before undergoing a second period of maturation in hand-selected French Sauvignon Blanc casks and proudly bottled at 50% ABV with no chill filtration.Teeling 15-Year-Old Single Grain with green packing, at the Bang Bang bar at Teeling Whiskey Distillery

Grain on the brain since the beginning!

Of course for those die-hard Teeling Whiskey fans who have followed our story since the opening of the distillery, you will know that the foundations for our experimental style in grain whiskey first began with our multi-award winning core Single Grain bottling (first released in 2013).

After picking up the award for the “World’s Best Irish Single Grain” in 2014 at the World Whiskey Awards, this really set the bar for us for future innovations in this category. Made with 95% corn and 5% malted barley, combined with a red wine maturation, the Teeling Single Grain  allowed us to move away from the traditional narrative around grain whiskey, whilst also removing some of the stigma attached to this style with a highly complex core release.

This was later followed by the highly sought after Teeling 13-Year-Old Single Grain in 2021. As a futher developement in wine ageing, this higher age-statement was matured in both ex-Bourbon and Bordeaux red wine casks. Bottled at 50% with no chill filtration, red fruit and rich tannins are highly prominent in this whiskey. On the palate, it gives way to a delicate sweet mouthfeel with hints of honeysuckle, ripe fruits and toasted cinnamon. Finishing with long burnt caramel and oak spice. The Teeling 13-Year-Old Single Grain lived up to the esteem of its predecessor, winning Best Irish Single Grain at the Irish Whiskey Awards and the Irish Whiskey Masters (2021). So how does the newest 15-Year-Old-Grain compare?

Older, higher abv & dual maturation

What makes the Teeling 15-Year-Old Single Grain truly unique is its dual cask maturation. Distilled predominantly from maize, it is matured in both ex-Bourbon and Sauvignon Blanc wine casks.

The initial Bourbon maturation produces a beautiful base of sweet vanilla and caramel with buttery oak. This is then complimented by the extra aging in the French Sauvignon Blanc Wine casks. The wine casks layer on a distinct bouquet of green apples on the nose with light citrus and orange blossom. This then gives way to smooth, delicate vanilla and caramel notes on the palate. Coupled with innovative maturation techniques, the older Teeling 15-Year-Old Irish Single Grain is also bottled at a higher abv, resting at 50%. This allows us to further highlight the viscosity and sweetness from our grain distillate, whilst capturing more extraction from the wood. The result is a full-bodied single grain, with a high intensity of flavour.Teeling Single Grain 15-Year- Old in front of stain glass window with phoenix design at Teeling Whiskey Distillery

Sustainability at its core 

In addition to its eye-catching bottle design, with embossed phoenix label, the Teeling 15-Year-Old Single Grain also is fitted with 100% sustainable secondary packaging. The tube itself is 100% recyclable material, made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) cardboard. At Teeling, we are constantly looking to reduce our carbon footprint. As a member of Origin Green Ireland, we are always finding new and creative solutions to make our distillery more sustainable.

The Teeling 15-Year-Old Single Grain will be sold initially in the Teeling Whiskey Distillery.  It will also be available at Celtic Whiskey Shop, James J. Fox, and very select Irish retailers. After this initial release, it will be rolled out to a range of International markets across Asia and Europe.

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