Personalisable Distillery Exclusive Whiskey arrives in the Gift Shop

We’re delighted to announce the arrival our very own Distillery Exclusive whiskey to the Gift Shop shelves. It can’t be purchased anywhere outside of the distillery walls, was matured in unusual casks and there’s the option to personalise the bottle to boot! Plenty of reasons to come in and grab one for yourself!

The whiskey itself is matured in ex-PX Brandy Chestnut casks, which is unusual when compared to oak cask maturation used in the vast majority of Irish whiskey maturation. The result is a roasted chestnut and creamy cheesecake taste with straw bale and maple syrup on the nose. The finish leaves wood spices tingling on the tongue with the influence of the chestnut being present throughout, but most noticeable on the nose.

Another interesting aspect of this bottling is the ability to personalise both the bottle and tube label with your own name, someone else’s name or whatever you want really! (within reason of course). It’s ideal as a take home memento of your visit to the distillery, or a nice personal gift. Either way, we’re very proud to have our own exclusive bottling, so pop in and have a look for yourself!