Teeling Distillery Launches New Distillery Exclusive Whiskey

The new Teeling Distillery Exclusive Whiskey, finished in Chinkapin Virgin White Oak casks, is now available exclusively in the Teeling Distillery Gift Shop! This new release follows the trend of previous Teeling Distillery Exclusive whiskeys by being matured in unusual cask types. Previously, Teeling have had great success exploring the influence of different wood types with both Chestnut cask and Hungarian Oak cask finishes.



The most recent member of our Distillery Exclusive range is bottled at 46% ABV and finished in Chinkapin Virgin White Oak casks that have been sourced from Eastern and Central North America. The liquid has a sweet toffee and butterscotch nose, with a oily mouth feel and ripe dates, liquorice and wood spices on the tongue. For the finish, the wood spices remain on the tongue and are accompanied by black pepper and a lingering hint of liquorice.



Like the previous Distillery Exclusive bottlings consumers have the ability to personalise both the bottle and tube label. It’s ideal as a take home memento of your visit to the distillery, or as a nice personal gift! This rare bottling is available to buy in the Teeling Distillery Gift Shop for €60, with the personalised version costing €65.


See below the flavour profiles of our three Distillery Exclusive bottlings to date!


Distillery Exclusive finished in ex-PX Brandy Chestnut casks

Nose: Light fresh straw bale, peaches & cream, boiled sweets and maple syrup

Taste: Creamy cheesecake, roasted chestnuts, caramelized banana and sweet wood sap

Finish: Unique wood spices tingle on the tongue


Distillery Exclusive finished in Hungarian Virgin Oak casks

Nose: Fresh wood shavings and sandalwood oil with a fresh underlying sweetness

Taste: Sweet wood sap intermingles with subtle spices, dried fruits and notes of toasted oak

Finish: Wood spice on the tongue slowly gives way to a dry tannic finish


Distillery Exclusive finished in Chinkapin Virgin Oak casks

Nose: Sweet toffee and butterscotch, with burnt caramel and wood tannins

Taste: Oily mouth feel coats the mouth, with ripe dates, liquorice and wood spices on the tongue

Finish: The wood spice remains on the tongue, accompanied by some black pepper and a lingering hint of liquorice


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