A Sneak Peek into the Teeling Whiskey Warehouse on International Whiskey Day

At the Teeling Whiskey Company we have a wide variety of roles and personalities on our team. One common interest among every team member is a passion for the Irish whiskey industry and a fascination for the innovative flavours that make our whiskey unique. In anticipation of International Whiskey Day, a group of our new staff members were given the opportunity to pick the brains of our maturation experts and gain a deeper insight into our liquid’s maturation process at the Teeling Whiskey warehouse. James, the latest addition to our Marketing Team, gives us his unique insider experience below.


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As soon as we step in the door of the Teeling warehouse we were greeted by a vast array of barrels stacked 40ft high and categorically dispersed from the front to the back of the warehouse. Port, Sherry, Madeira, White Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rum, Bourbon and a variety of other barrels from around the world are all stored in the enclosed space creating a cask structured piece of art!


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At the forefront of the warehouse the maturation team were in the process of hand-dumping whiskey from a number of Cabernet Sauvignon casks from the Napa Valley, California into a stream of flowing Single Grain which, in the near future, will be bottled up and consumed by Teeling Whiskey lovers across the globe. The maturation team even gave us a chance to crack open the barrels ourselves!


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Michael, Teeling’s Maturation Coordinator, acted as a tour guide on the day giving us a tour of the warehouse sharing his knowledge of the maturation process and his love for Irish whiskey. Michael led the team through the warehouse educating the staff on the innovative techniques used by our distillery and maturation teams, as well as demonstrating the unique style of maturation adapted by Teeling and the vast variety of barrels used to achieve the perfect Irish whiskey. We were all astounded when Michael pulled out a drill and let us taste the liquid straight from the barrel, however we were even more astounded at how fresh and fruitful the liquid tasted.


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While being given a deeper insight into the maturation process behind our Single Malt, the team were gifted the chance to sample the individual flavours of the whiskey matured in Cabernet Sauvignon, White Burgundy, Madeira, Port, and Sherry casks. The whole team were amazed at the variety of flavours and scents from the different casks, and were honoured to get the chance to taste these rare liquids! The whiskey in these barrels will eventually be combined to create the symphony of flavour experienced by consumers through our Teeling Single Malt.


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The tour was capped off with a visit to the bottling department of the warehouse, where Raymond individually hand bottles each of our vintage products. Raymond demonstrated the bottling process for our wide selection of whiskeys and highlighted the level of precision and care that is involved in producing a shelf-ready bottle of Teeling Whiskey. The team were hugely impressed by the high levels of accuracy and efficiency shown by Raymond, who works all year round to guarantee that every bottle of Teeling is bottled and labelled to perfection before being presented to the customer.


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All the staff members thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the warehouse, and want to thank the maturation team for giving us a great insight into the craft of maturation and all that is involved in creating our favourite whiskey. All and all it was a brilliant trip and a dream day for any whiskey lover!


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