Celebrate World Whiskey Day 2017 with a Single Malt Tasting for Two

Saturday 20th of May marks World Whiskey Day 2017, a day to celebrate whiskey all around the world and a very important day here at the distillery by all accounts! To mark the day, we’ve got some fantastic offers planned so visitors can experience some of our more premium whiskeys.

Single Malt Tour & Tasting

Our Single Malt tasting is a very special tasting of our award winning Single Malt whiskey, Revival Vintage Single Malt and one of our limited edition Single Cask whiskeys. It’s an adventure for the senses, with each whiskey offering its own unique individual taste and characteristics. It’s the perfect way to celebrate World Whiskey Day 2017 and a chance to try something new and interesting. To mark World Whiskey Day 2017, we’re offering a special price of €50 for two Single Malt Tours & Tastings.

Click here to book your Single Malt Tour & Tasting for two.


Brabazon Tasting

We’ve recently launched our new Brabazon Bottling Single Malt whiskey. In celebration of this as well as World Whiskey Day, we will also be offering a special tasting of the Brabazon Bottling at our Bang Bang bar for just €5. It’s the perfect way to round off your visit and celebrate World Whiskey day in style!